Jane Antebellum, better known by her codename, Vipir, was an American special forces unit and close partner, ally, and friend of Brutus Rhodes. She was killed during a black ops mission in a foreign country, and her death is credited as the event that caused Brute to become disconnected with the world.

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Vipir in combat gear


Jane Antebellum


Deceased, Jul. 5








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Special Forces

First Appearance

Gun Nuts Web Comic Issue #17


Most of Viper's past is a mystery. It is known, however, that she joined an elite, American black ops group and was partnered with Brute. During this time, the two became quite close. Their partnership ended during a mission that went South. Both were captured and tortured, though Brute managed to escape. By the time he reached her, however, it was too late. Her death caused Brute to go on a rampage, earning him significant, international notoriety among those in the right circles. "Brute" became a legend at the cost of his humanity, and is thus greatly feared by those who know of his exploits.

Web ComicEdit

She first appears in the Gun Nuts web comic during a flashback sequence, where she encourages Brute to keep the skulls of terrorists they kill as trophies. She later appears again as a figment of Brute's imagination while he is having an ideal dream.


She appears to posses a rather sadistic, or even morbid, sense of humor. Her aggressive nature is much like that of Jan, though she has the collected demeanor of Brute.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a partner with Brute in a special forces group, it can be assumed she is quite skilled in combat, espionage, and survival.


  • She is one of the only people to call Brute by his first name, "Brutus."
  • She is seen wearing a red beret, seemingly identical to the one Brute always wears later on.
  • "Antebellum" is Latin for "before the war." This most likely a reference to Brute's killing spree that he initiates after her death.
  • It is interesting to note that many of Vipir's traits mirror Jan. Their first names are identical, save one letter. Both of them are relatively small, have green eyes, wear red caps, are good fighters, share a similar sense of humor, and are partners/friends with Brute. Jan makes several comments that may indicate that she is her daughter.