Rubix is the third official member of the Gun Nuts. Before she acquired her position in the Gun Nuts, she was a homeless woman living under the bridge near Irun Sights where she collected urban gossip and information, and sold it for a price.

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Gun Nuts Web Comic Issue #09


Rubix has amnesia and cannot remember anything past two years prior. She awoke without a known home or family to go to, and took up residence under a bridge. She did what she must to survive, gradually picking up alot of knowledge from her endeavors. She eventually put these to good use, and became a somewhat reputable source of information for locals. She did not make enough money to buy a place of residence, however. After assisting the Gun Nuts through several ordeals, Brute offered her a job with them (as well as a place to stay), which she accepted.

Web ComicEdit

In the web comic, the Gun Nuts approached her seeking information on Primer. She agreed to show them where he was for five dollars. She later allowed herself to get arrested as part of a plan with Brute to help free Jan, which was ultimately successful. It was after this that Brute offered her a position as a member of the Gun Nuts, which she gleefully accepted.


Despite her harsh lifestyle, Rubix is surprisingly upbeat, optimistic and respectful. This was perhaps a necessary skill for her to develop in order to survive on the streets, but she is still very passionate and empathetic, and rarely wishes harm upon others. She enjoys simple pleasures in life, and seems to be particularly fond of gum. She also seems to have empathy towards certain animals, and is not as accustomed to extreme violence as the other Gun Nuts.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Rubix has a near-perfect photographic memory which enables her to collect vast knowledge in a very short time. Ironically, she also has amnesia, and cannot remember who she is or where she came from. Rubix also posses exceptional problem-solving skills. However, she is often too trusting or reckless, in a somewhat juvenile way.



Rubix explains her condition

  • She has an Australian accent, indicating she may have lived in Australia for a time before she lost her memory.
  • Her name is a pun on the "Rubik's Cube"
  • Rubix hosts an extensive collection of body scarring. She doesn't tend to mention it, however, and it can be assumed they were acquired before her memory loss.
  • In a 2011 popularity poll, Rubix earned the second highest amount of votes (2nd place).